Acupuncture & TCM

Pulse Diagnosis

pulse diagnosis tcm

In Western medicine, the pulse is only a minor diagnostic tool, In TCM it is very important.

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Acupuncture beats drugs to treat hot flushes

hot flushes

Acupuncture works as well as Effexor, a drug commonly used to combat hot flushes & other menopause symptoms. In fact, the benefits of acupuncture last longer than the effects of Effexor and have no negative side-effects.

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Tongue Diagnosis


The tongue has many relationships & connections in the body, both to the meridians & the internal organs. It is therefore very useful and important during inspection for confirming TCM diagnosis.

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5 Element Theory & Chinese Dietary Therapy


5 Element theory is the foundation of Chinese disciplines such as feng shui, martial arts & the I Ching (The Book of Changes, a text also Universal in its understanding & representation of the dynamic balance of opposites & the processes of unfolding events & change).

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Chinese Dietary Therapy

chinese dietary therapy

"Medicine & food share a common origin", & that food materials can be used to prevent or treat medical disorders. Like medicinal drugs, food items are classified as "heating" or "cooling".

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