Liquid Food Tonics

Tonics come in 100ml bottles which is a approximately a 12 day supply at a recommended therapeutic dose of 3 ml (60 drops) 3 x day in water preferably before meals.

Practitioner strength:1:1 cold percolation extracts where possible or 1:2 cold percolation tinctures only when extracts are unavailable. Using high strength herbs allows for a reduced dose. 1:1 strength herbs are called extracts and what scientists use when conducting trials in clinical pharmacognosy. Carahealth herbs are 3 to 5 times stronger than other herbs on the Irish and UK market which are commonly 1:3 or 1:5. Herbs are organic or wildcrafted where humanly possible.

Expectations: In general, 1 month of treatment is required for every year you have had a symptoms. You should notice an improvement within the first 2 weeks, with continued steady improvements.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, are taking medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding or want information regarding children, seek advice from your GP, pharmacist or a level 8 science degree qualified herbalist such as myself at [email protected]